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When buying an ATV, it is a major purchase no matter if you are buying a new one, or a used one, so you want to make sure to get right All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) the first time. You are unique in your lifestyle, and your ATV should be the perfect fit if you do your research before purchase.

Some of the main factors to consider when choosing an ATV are:

Safety should always be the number one concern. A “Quad”, or 4-wheeler is much more stable and less likely to roll over on you than a 3-wheeler in any conditions, and will give you better traction in “sticky” situations as well. Models with a wider wheel-base are also better for stability, although you may give up a little bit of maneuverability. Make sure you have a comfortable, properly fitted helmet for all passengers.

What kind of use is it for? Does it need to be a “work-horse” utility ATV, and need to have the ability to tow a trailer, pull other rigs out of ditches, or pull out stumps? Is it going to be an off-road hunting vehicle, which needs to be heavy duty enough to load a deer onto and get it up a muddy hill? If so, then you will want to make sure to choose an ATV that has enough horsepower in the engine to handle the job and has a reliable start in cold weather. You may want to consider a tow package, and a good sized utility rack. A motorized winch mounted on the front is also helpful. Don’t forget to make sure it has high luminescent headlights installed. If you are going to be out in the woods, consider getting a GPS system to aid in navigation.

Or maybe you are looking for a recreational sport ATV to take out on the sand dunes or cruise down the beach in. Sand tires, roll-bar, and fog lights are excellent accessories to consider. Weight is a factor to consider when choosing an ATV for taking jumps.

Whatever models you are looking at, be sure to compare the specs before choosing an ATV. Which one has better gas mileage? Does it come with a warranty? Check consumer feedback – how satisfied are the people that already own that model?

Be sure to choose the right tires for you ATV. There are as many different treads as there are terrains to drive on. If you have mud tires but drive on pavement or hard trails, then your tires will have a shorter tread life. Consider the terrain you will be driving on the most.

Hovercraft For Sale

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Online Concealed Carry Course

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2011 Texas Straight Talk – The Illusion of Safety – Congressman Ron Paul

Recent incidents of violence in Norway and London have made us understandably uncomfortable here at home, as many fear that a worsening economy will lead to violence and unrest in American cities. This is why Congress must view the economy as its first priority and a matter of national security: unless and until we get our fiscal house in order to foster economic growth, civil society will continue to deteriorate.

The fundamental lesson every American should learn from these incidents is that government cannot protect us. No matter how many laws we pass, no matter how many police or federal agents we put on the streets, a determined individual or group can still cause great harm. Both Norway and England have strict gun control laws, and London in particular has security cameras monitoring nearly all public areas. But laws and spy cameras are useless in the face of lawless mobs or sick mass killers. Only private individuals on the scene could have prevented or lessened these tragedies. And we should remember that theft, arson, and property damage were not the only criminal acts in London–innocent bystanders were assaulted and killed as well. In those instances deadly force used in self-defense would have been fully justified.

Perhaps the only good that can come from these terrible events is a reinforced understanding that we as individuals are responsible for our safety and the safety of our families. This means, frankly, that we must safely own and use firearms to deter or prevent criminal assaults on our homes and persons. It is absurd to think police or government agents can protect 310 million Americans around the clock.

Thanks to our media and many government officials, however, Americans have become conditioned to view the state as our protector and the solution to every problem. Whenever something terrible happens, especially when it becomes a prominent news story, people reflexively demand that government do something. This impulse almost always leads to bad laws, more debt, and the loss of liberty. It is completely at odds with the best American traditions of self-reliance and individual responsibility.

Do we really want to live in a world of police checkpoints, surveillance cameras, and metal detectors? Do we want to imprison every disturbed or alienated individual who fantasizes about violence? Do we really believe government can provide total security? Or can we accept that liberty is more important than the illusion of state-provided security?

Freedom is not defined by safety. Freedom is defined by the ability of citizens to live without government interference unless they use force or fraud against others. Government cannot create a world without risks, nor would we really wish to live in such a fictional place. Only a totalitarian society would even claim absolute safety as a worthy ideal, because it would require total state control over its citizens’ lives. Liberty has meaning only if we still believe in it when terrible things happen and a false government security blanket beckons.

House of Representatives – Public Domain – Congressman Ron Paul

Online Concealed Carry Course

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Iphone 6 Release Date

Know the latest update about the Iphone 6 Release Date only here.

A cheap soldering gun, gallons of energy drinks and allot of free time is what it took for a 17-year-old whiz kid from New Jersey to “unlock” the infamous iPhone, making it available to worldwide audience.

Curly haired George Hutz spent his summer technically tinkering with the super phone, modifying its hardware, effectively cutting its restrictions to the AT&T network.

According to Mr. Hutz’s blog, the following items are needed for successful unlocking:

1. An iphone with a launching application removed from the directory
2. Small case opener tools, (he recommends guitar picks).
3. Any soldering iron
4. Wire. Specifically magnet wire
5. An unlock switch or wire cutters.
6. Unholy quantities of energy drinks.

Although you might have all these tools and more at your disposal, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! The skill level of the modification requires the soldering expertise of an electrician and the programming of a serious coder. The hack is complicated and requires skill with both soldering and software. Missteps may result in your iPhone becoming a neat paperweight, so few people will be able to follow the instructions. Several eager, less talented readers commented on Hutz’s Blog, demanding the instructions be dumbed down or “unnerded”. Accorinding to Hutz his instructions were the simplest he can make them.

The hack, if done successfully leaves the all of the iphone functions intact, including wifi and the camera. The one function you cannot use is the visual voicemail, which leaves voice messages as if they were incoming email.

Anyone whose service is through a GSM network can use the iphone with this hack which includes T-Mobile and other smaller carriers in the U.S. Most carriers worldwide use GSM networks which require a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card for service. Sorry Sprint and Verizon customers, no hacks for you right now.

When the 10 step process was completed and posted to his blog, the boy wonder did what any smart kid would do, sell it on eBay. The iPhone is now for sale under the listing “Worlds Second Unlocked iPhone” and currently has a high bid of $50,100. The auction includes a 4gb iPhone, a custom made serial port dock and the official unlocking switch.

Despite what you call these modifications, hacks, cottage industry DIY phones, they are all very legal, at least in the United States. Phone unlocks are a common and law suit free practice. In fact the only legal action AT&T could take against Hutz is voiding his contract. They can also take the high road and make the next batch of iphones that rolls out of their factories, immune to the hacks, giving another batch of whiz kids something to do for next summer.

The original blog can be found here: http://iphonejtag.blogspot.com/2007/08/step-1.html
Bid on the World’s First Succesfully Unlocked iPhone here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230164884672

Iphone 6 Release Date

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Makerbot Replicator 2

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Several years ago I took a class in 3D modeling and later a class in 3D character design an animation. Those classes taught me more than many others. It showed me things that I had never thought about before, like how animation is done through keyframing and tweening, the algorithms behind 3D graphics, the math behind inverse kinematics, how to design virtual joint armatures, how ragdoll physics is done, etc. At at the center of all that is a jewel of a program called 3DS Max.

3DS Max is a complex program and it requires an intimate knowledge of its inner workings to use properly. The only way to get this knowledge is to actually use it and study it. It’s not that it tries to hide things, it’s that there’s so much you can do, so much that If you have a powerful enough system and enough time, even you can create a 3D animated short. Compared to other programs like Maya and Blender, what sets Max apart is its advanced controller system that allows you to make your character and object rigs(what you use to easily control your scene when you animate it) as advanced as you need.

For instance, there is a plethora of constraints, such as Position, Path, Orientation, Look-at, Hierarchy, and of many others, my personal favorite, the Link constraint, which is an animatable version of the Hierarchy constraint, meaning that you can have an object change what it’s linked to per the keyframe, which is really nice for things like swords. Now, that being said, I personally often go for the more simple rigs because it is possible to do a lot of work for nothing if Max decides that it can’t compute the rig you’ve been building. But that’s more a matter of experience and knowing the program.

As far as actually modeling goes, Max has all the basic tools, albeit the SCULPTING tools like what you might find in programs like Mud Box are poorly implemented and slow and not worth using. However, despite that I often do my modeling in Max, its true strength is actually in its ability to be a STUDIO, as can be seen in its un-abbreviated name: 3D Studio Max. Max has a lot of organizational tools to allow you to keep rigs separated, like Selection Sets and Layers, as well as quite a few ways to keep the scene manageable in its pre-rendered state, such as object hiding and an isolation mode. It also has quite a few amazing special effect tools, such as the FFD boxes, which allow you to deform the space around a model, and the built in Reactor physics engine that’s based off of the famous Havok Engine.

And one of the most appreciated things about 3DS Max is that it allows you to use plugins others have made, as well as to write your own if there’s anything you need that 3DS Max doesn’t have by default. You can make plugins through something called Max Script, which is a slightly annoying, loosely typed scripting language built into Max. It is somewhat poorly documented and most searches for information will end up sending you to pages to download plugins others have made, but if you have the patience and an application you want to make, it can be well worth the effort.

3DS Max is an amazing piece of software that takes some time to learn, but is completely doable if you have a decent computer.

You can find more information at Autodesk’s website: usa.autodesk.com/

The Contributor has no connection to nor was paid by the brand or product described in this content.

Makerbot Replicator 2

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Makerbot Replicator 2

Find out more here about the Marketbot Replicator 2.

Linux 3D CAD programs have been around a long time. This article will examine the 3 best 3D CAD programs for Linux and examine the attributes of each. Many professional developers prefer Linux and UNIX 3D programs when extreme performance is required. The following programs are considered some of the best for mechanical engineering 3D CAD modeling.


gCad3D is a 64-bit Linux 3D CAD program that also works on Windows. It was developed in Germany. The Germans have some of the best engineers in the world so it is no surprise that many of the good Linux engineering programs come from Germany. This program has tremendous capability. It has 3D openGL Viewer, GTK toolbox, Import DXF, NC Intersections, VRML and much more. The source code is available and it is licensed as freeware.

Medusa 4

Medusa 4 has 2D, 3D and concurrent engineering capabilities. The Personal version is free and has a renewable 6-months node-locked license. You will have to pay for the commercial version. This 3D modeling CAD program for Linux is also multi-platform and can be used for design automation. It will work on Windows and the powerful UNIX platform Sun Sparc Solaris. The program is full featured and can do many things required by industry such as factory layout, data and document management, electrical, and much more. It is compatible with most common 3rd party systems. Many interfaces are available to do about anything that is required from a commercial CAD Suite.

GraphiteOne CAD

GraphiteOne CAD is a 3D CAD for Linux used for the mechanical design of 3D models and 2D drawings. GraphiteOne CAD uses Parasolid, a modeling kernel invented by UGS PLM Components. It is a commercial program and has a trial version for free evaluation. GraphiteOne install options include DEB, RPM and DMG.

These 3D CAD programs for Linux are for use by mechanical engineers and some have electrical drawing ability. There are many Linux 3D CAD programs for architectural engineers available but most use German specifications. It would be better to find an American program, that can be upgraded, for architectural use since it will have US codes and specs built in. It can then be kept up to date with any new codes.

All CAD programs have a large learning curve. In order to be efficient in producing cad designs it is best to learn how to use most of the tools and features of the program before beginning work. These 3 3d CAD programs for Linux will serve well for most purposes. Using Linux as the platform helps keep the focus on productivity instead of computer maintenance. Linux makes life easier and moves the design process along at a much faster pace.


Personal Experience

marketbot replicator 2

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Sky 4 Energy Reviews

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Are your energy bills killing you? Are you a homeowner who is struggling becasue your electric and heating bills just keep going up? Have you considered a home solar energy system to save money and get your life back?

Great! It is a fantastic decision. A home solar energy system can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year in electric and/or heating bills, and allow you to do something great for the environment at the same time.

Are you confused about the truth behind home solar energy systems? There is so much information available – some of it good and some of it bad – some of it true and some of it false. Your job is to figure out the truth, and determine how that applies to your own home, your needs and your budget.

Let’s discover the truth about home solar energy systems.

First, the environmental benefits of a home solar energy system:

– reduce your carbon footprint

– lower your overall greenhouse gas emissions

– help stop the depletion of natural resources and fossil fuels

– help increase energy independence

– help improve air quality

– help fight global warming and climate change

Even discarding financial benefits, the environmental benefits of a home solar energy system are more than enough to convince many home and business owners to invest in a home solar energy system.

Now, the financial benefits of a home solar energy system:

– lower your monthly and annual electric bills

– lower your monthly and annual heating bills

– cut your energy bills from 50% to 100%

– take advantage of net metering to generate income from your home solar energy system

All in all, a home solar energy system can pay for itself in as little as a few years. The exact payback period depends on the size and cost of the home solar energy system, the energy offset by the solar energy system, your energy demand and your actual energy costs.

A home solar energy system is the smartest, and most cost-effective investment that you can make – the returns are guaranteed, and your new energy indepence provides you protection against the future increases in energy prices (which are averaging between 3-5% across the United States in recent years).

There are two main types of home solar energy systems that homeowners can choose from.

First, solar electric, or PV, home solar energy systems. These solar energy systems use electric generating solar panels to provide power for hone appliances, such as lights, TVs, major appliances and much more.

Second, solar thermal, or solar hot water and heating, home solar energy systems. These systems use heat generating solar panels to provide hot water for a number of costly, everyday applications around the house. A solar thermal system can be used for domestic hot water, radiant and space heating (including forced hot air systems), cooling and air conditioning systems and pool/spa heating systems.

If you monthly energy bills are sucking all of the fun and excess money out of your life, and you are tired of paying your utility company more every year for the same amount of energy, a home solar energy system may be the right answer for you.

Additionally, with a flood of federal, state and local solar incentives to help pay for the purchase and installation costs, a home solar energy system is more affordable and cost-effective for millions of American homeowners than ever.


solar power panels

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Paid Social Media Jobs

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People use social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter for much more than just entertainment and social contact. Businesses use these sites to advertise, celebrities gain fame by allowing their fans to follow them, and various organizations use these sites to keep members informed. Educational institutions are no exception. Both academic and social organizations use Facebook and Twitter to advertise and coordinate campus events; several professors use these sites to keep in touch with students; and many students use social networking sites to work on group projects.

Troy University, like many other colleges, uses social media to advertise on-campus events and to promote student organizations. Troy University has both a Twitter and Facebook page, which is used to inform students of major campus events, and student organizations use social media to keep students informed. Sororities and fraternities actually require their members to have both a Facebook and a Twitter account. Several academic fraternities and honor societies also have Facebook accounts.

Social networking sites often help students to coordinate group projects and to hold discussions about assignments. Students can collaborate by having online conversations and sharing links so that fellow group members can see their research. This is especially helpful when some group members are commuters or have part-time jobs that prevent them for being available to meet in person.

Professors use these social media to keep in touch with students and student organizations that they lead. One positive aspect of contact between students and professors on social networking sites is that this is a quicker and easier way to communicate than email. Students generally check Facebook accounts much more often than they check their student email. However, students may encounter problems when they become friends with professors on Facebook. Students sometimes display behavior on social networking sites which they find acceptable for friends to see but would give off a bad impression to a professor or employer. Students and professors may also experience confusion in how to properly and professionally communicate in such an informal online setting as Facebook.

I was unable to find any existing rules governing social media in the classroom, but following certain guidelines may help to avoid problems. One general rule to avoid problems on social media sites is to avoid posting comments or pictures that you wouldn’t want a teacher or employer to see. Also, when communicating with professors through social media, maintain a level of formality by continuing to use formal titles, as well as correct grammar and punctuation.


social media consultant

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How To Win Powerball Lottery

If you want to learn more about lottery, you can visit How to Win the Lottery Powerball for more information.


In order to understand how to beat your state lottery, you need to understand the lottery first. My Uncle loves the lottery. He calls it a voluntary tax. He’s right, too! No one forces anyone to buy a ticket and play. But that dollar (or five, or ten or more) is most surely a non-deductible contribution to the state treasury.

We all have heard one wag or another compare winning a big grand lottery prize to some never-going-to-happen event. For some reason being hit by lightning while doing some oddball activity seems to be a favorite. Since I’m not likely to deliver twins while being struck by lightning and drinking a diet soda, either; let’s look at some numbers.

New York State has a wonderful website that publishes the odds of winning for their games. We’ll use their stats.

For the Lotto numbers game where you have to match six numbers out of the pool, your one dollar gets you one chance out of 22,528,737 to win that big prize. Of course, your odds on winning any one game is double that ( one out of over 45 million!) since New York lovingly gives your two games for a buck! And every time that the jackpot increases (that means no one won), it will cost you another buck to try again. Same odds on the next drawing, but you now have money money in the game. How many players do you know who play only one dollar per week?

Then there are the instant or scratch-off games. New York has a five dollar game called Big Money. The lowest (and most common) prize is five dollars. That is to say that you have a chance to win your own money back! According to New York Lottery’s web site, the chances of that happening are one in 14.29. That is a bit less than a 7% chance of happening. That works out to a little less that $75 bet to win $5.

This is why one wag said that the lottery was for people who could not do math. I’ve never seen a lottery that was a good bet. Las Vegas or Atlantic City or any of the Indian run casinos offer better odds on some of their worst games. And in a casino you might get a free drink or see a show. If you must gamble, that is where to do it.

The original question was how to beat your state lottery. The answer, by now, should be clear. Do not buy a ticket. Instead, go for the better bet. Take whatever money you might play with and put in away. Once you have enough to open an interest paying bank account, do so with that money. Once that bank account is large enough to buy some mutual fund shares, do that. All the while, keep adding that weekly lottery money. Before too long that money will grow into something substantial. You will have won!


winning lottery numbers for powerball

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Cost Of Double Glazing

If you want to learn more about double glazing, you can visit Billige Termoruder for more information.


The insulation of a house works in different ways depending on the climate that the house is exposed to. Here in Thailand the weather is predominantly hot and with temperatures sometimes in the hundreds, it can become hard work and expensive keeping the house cool to make living comfortable.

Over the years I have experienced many people coming to us and asking us to tender for their house construction project, with very similar requests in the form of, “I want cavity walls” or “we need double glazing.” Upon asking the question “why” the response is always the same, “to keep the house cool.” If you are going to consider to building your own house here in Thailand, or have a contractor build it for you and you have concerns regarding insulation, I suggest to you to seek advice on how this can work best for your home and also consider all your options so not to waste or spend money on such areas on the house that you aren’t benefiting from.

There are many areas within a house that require insulation to make the inside in the house feel the effects. These are windows, walls, roof, and floor. If you are going to consider spending money on one of these areas, you have to consider all, or you are potentially wasting money improving one area of the house and not following suit with the others. As an example, what would be the point in spending a vast amount of cash on double glazing to keep the heat out and not insulating the roof? The windows maybe helping a little but is the extra cost benefitting you that much?

Over the years the population of the world has started moving towards a greener style of living. With natural resources such as electricity, water and gas becoming increasingly more expensive, many of us feel the need to look into insulating the house to reduce those increasing overheads. Many of us come from colder climates, such as the UK where I am from. In our house construction back there we have cavity walls. Many will consider this to be included to keep the cold out and the warm in. This in a sense can be true, but cavity walls are used for many reasons. In the UK we experience damp. This is why in colder and wet climates we include ‘damp proof courses.’ Cavities and DPC’s are elements designed to reduce the risk of damp rising in to the house.

Here in Thailand, although we do experience a ‘rainy’ season, in reality the climate is so hot that damp should never become a risk, unless the design of the house allows water to become trapped and unexposed to natural heat. In turn, a cavity wall isn’t essential here and single cavity walls can work well if the correct product is used, such as a good thickness “Superblock.” Windows provide us with natural light into the house. Like walls, the best option to reduce heat loss in the form of windows is to have double glazing. Although this can be expensive there are other options. Reflective or emissivity glass works well. Think about the positioning of your windows when designing the house.

Here in Thailand houses tend to have large overhanging soffits, again reducing the windows exposure to direct sunlight and heat radiation. Before going ahead with any new build or if you are considering making your house more ‘energy efficient’, we strongly advise to contact a local windows agents to see all your options as windows tend to be the highest costing area of insulating a home. The roof is the most exposed part of the house to direct sunlight and heat radiation. There are a number of ways to insulated a roof space. In general, many houses don’t include any form of insulation.

This can be hard to remedy in the form of reflective foil once the house is built. If your house is already constructed, you have a couple of options. ‘Rockwool’ insulation being installed of the upper side of the ceilings with reduce heat radiation into the house but keep the roof space still exposed to heat. The best option nowadays is sprayed-on cellulose fibre. This is a paper based product that is spray applied onto the underside of the roof tiles. It can be applied after construction or during the construction of any new house. Again, we suggest contacting a specialist to understand how a product like this can best benefit your house without wasting money on resources that will not benefit you.

In summary, if you are looking to insulate or make your existing home more energy efficient, make sure that you are spending your money wisely. You can spend large sums on these products and if you haven’t considered all the areas of the house you may well be wasting these large sums of money.

See some of the best Pattaya condominiums at http://www.condominiumpattaya.com and talk with expert consultants about condominiums in Pattaya. Tom Aikins+


cheap double glazing

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50′s Dresses

If you want to learn more about dresses, you can visit 50 Dresses.


I remember when I got engaged. I was so excited! I’d dreamed of this moment for years and I’d finally found the right person to share my life with. I spent hours of research and went from shop to shop to find a wedding dress. In this article, I am giving you the information that worked best for me. I hope it does the same for you.

Look through bridal magazines, online sites, and wedding shows before going to the bridal shops to see what you want. The store selection can be overwhelming, coming with an idea of what you want to buy in a wedding dress can help. In fact, the first thing a good bridal store clerk will ask you is what you are hoping for in a wedding dress. Knowing what you want helps your clerk to find that wedding dress just right for you.

A good bridal shop will always be helpful. They will listen to what you want, help you find at least one wedding dress you like, and help you try them on. If the clerk seems uninterested and lets you wander through the racks of dresses unassisted this isn’t the shop for you. You are paying a high price for a wedding dress and you should expect excellent service.

You can tell the kind of service you’ll get when you enter a bridal shop. Are you greeted within one minute? Many stores require this of their employees. When you ask for help do they give you a bored stare? Don’t even bother with this shop, they don’t want your business badly enough.

A good bridal shop can work around whatever body issues you may have. This includes pregnancy. A good clerk will help you find a dress that works with whatever body concerns you may have. Many designs can also be ordered in your specific size even if you see the wedding dress on the rack in a different size.

Even though you should expect good service when you buy a wedding dress, don’t be a bridezilla. No one likes a bride with a bad temper. A good clerk is worth his or her weight in gold. They can help you put your entire outfit together from veil to shoes, as well as your wedding party’s. If you are kind to them, they will be much more willing to go out of their way to help you when you find yourself in a bind.

When you try on a wedding dress, take a trusted family member or friend with you that knows your style. They’ll know what looks best on you. Remember, these dresses are quite expensive. The loved one you bring along is not as invested in you buying a certain dress as a clerk is.

Look at several sources before making your final decision on a wedding dress. Once you choose a wedding dress and the alterations are made, you may be locked into your choice. Due to alterations and expense, very few shops will take returns on a wedding dress.

While you are making your final decision, try to allow a good six months in advance to ship the wedding dress and start alterations. Even a woman with a perfect ten body is going to need alterations. Not enough time to order means possibly not getting the wedding dress you want, or not getting the alterations your dress needs.

If your are planning an impromptu wedding, or want to try on dresses specifically in your size consider shopping at a national store such a David’s Bridal. They keep large amounts of wedding dresses in stock in every size. You can actually buy your wedding dress off the rack this way and they sometimes have in house alterations.

If you see the wedding dress of your dreams but it doesn’t come in your size or price range; consider going to a recommended seamstress and having them make a wedding dress for you. A good seamstress can tailor your wedding dress specifically for you. If you go this route, you will not be paying for the expensive designer label. A seamstress can also work with fabrics that aren’t as expensive.

If you decide to buy your wedding dress from a bridal shop, order your gown a few sizes larger. This is no reflection on you. The wedding dresses usually run a few sizes smaller so you will need to plan accordingly.

Although how the dress looks is most important, remember to pick a wedding dress that is somewhat comfortable. Remember, you’ll be wearing it for hours. If it’s ill fitting or excessively, scratchy you won’t be able to enjoy the day. Also, a bad fit or discomfort will show in your wedding pictures.

Buying a wedding dress may seem like a daunting task at first; but if you follow these tips and plan accordingly you too will find the dress of your dreams. Good Luck.


vintage dresses online

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